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In 1999 ConcreteRenewal was born. Our mission was to provide the most value based garage floor coating available. Colored Quartz quickly became our choice as durability could not be matched by resin only epoxy, urethane or polyaspartic products. The look of a Quartz-Based flooring is a measurable upgrade and the surface texture provided traction where others are slippery when wet or if sand/grit is present.


Sounds simple, 1)-clean the surface 2)-mix product 3)-apply coating, works great for painting walls but is that all there is for a successful garage floor coating?
Oils, grease, gasoline, antifreeze, road salts, water, sealers, laitance (unremoved surface layer), efflorescence (concrete dust) or foreign contaminants (dirt) remaining on or in the surface will significantly affect the ability of any coating to bond to the floor.
Now throw in the fact that you'll be driving a several thousand pound vehicle onto the surface, you will see why we make the surface preparation such an important part of a successful coating.


At ConcreteRenewal we consider our work a service. Much of our time is spent preparing the project for the product. Since so much of our time is spend on labor the last thing we want to do is skimp on product quality. We combine one of natures hardest minerals (quartz) with high quality resins selected to work in this environment. As an independent company our flexibility to select product is not restricted. We have partnered with SIKA© Manufacturing to supply us with product. The advantage is to select the best resin chemistry for the environment it is going into. SIKA© is the largest industrial floor coating resin manufacturer in the world providing unmatched product and exceptional support...

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Epoxy Floor Coating Contractor in Rosemount MN Flooring is an epoxy floor coating contractor in Rosemount MN and has an innovative range of garage flooring solutions that can give you the durability that is world-class and one that has a designer style. A concrete garage floor is a floor that is treated roughly whether it is in a home or a business and needs a coating that can stand heavy weights, temperature variations, and vehicle traffic. We proudly offer Minnesota’s best garage floor coatings which are installed by experts, while our customer service matches this excellence. When a garage floor gets an epoxy coat, it becomes exceptionally durable, resistant to stains, and in particular, has a resistance to damage that can occur from salt intrusion. Rosemount MN roads have a lot of salt on them in the winter, and 91% of garage floors in the county suffer from damage that is related to salt on surfaces that are not coated. Any floor covered with epoxy can be quite beautiful and it is perfect for even more artistic applications. How You Can Use Your Garage For Other Uses Homeowners in Minnesota look to use the different areas in their home in additional ways, and this does not exclude their garages. Garages are not in use just for the parking of vehicles. Flooring Coating Systems can give you coatings on your garage floors that will have your old garage floor looking like a showroom. Now, you don’t need to look constantly at those oil stains that have seeped into the concrete. A garage floor coating can permanently fix those imperfections, and in addition give you a surface that is not only easy to clean, but also be pleasing to the eye. The protection of your concrete floors must have the superior floor coatings that reputed garage floor coating companies can provide. Garage floors, typically, experience high vehicle traffic and foot traffic of residents and guests. The weather in Rosemount MN has humidity, extreme temperatures, and thaw cycles. These result in an unprotected concrete constantly shrinking and expanding that further leads to cracks and the wearing down of the concrete. Bare concrete is also naturally porous. Consequently, it will absorb, dirt and dust, road salt, fuels, oils, and other hazardous materials and will also get stained. Choices of Floor Coatings Your choice of Flooring can have new Polyaspartic coatings or Epoxy coatings installed, which will give your floors exceptional durability. It is a fact that products from Flooring will protect your underlying concrete from dust, dirt, mildew, mold, impacts, flooding, chemicals, abrasions, road salt, and much more. Our Epoxy flooring will make your floor impermeable and allow it to resist water, dust, dirt, and stains. This makes the floor much easier to clean quickly. This is of great importance in Rosemount MN.